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Jak se mají naši zahraniční partneři v době pandemie

  • 8. dubna 2020,


Bernie (Toledo):
Hello! Yes we are in good health and so is my family! Thanks for asking! I hope you are well too! We're now confined at home, we've been locked up for 21 days and you're only allowed to go out to the supermarket. Here business is totally dead, all events are cancelled and by Jaguar Land Rover, our main customer, everything is postponed until September... Yeah, let's take it philosophically and I'm off to work on my bikes and make models :-)

Lorenzo (Barcelona):
Good morning - thanks for your mail and interest! Here too the situation is complicated - many cancellations and many events postponed... But we are resisting! We hope that everything will soon be a nightmare from the past! I hope you are well and so is your family! Much encouragement and greetings! Lorenzo

Tina (Kranj):
Hello, thank you for your message and concern. We are all well, including our grandparents and wider family. We are in the third week of quarantine. I have turned into a teacher/cook/fight negotiator for our two kids. We are still able to go out into the nature for exercise. Thank god for that, otherwise it would be a nightmare. Business has completely died off. No enquiries, no emails. We were going full on into a record season with numerous bookings for long term tours and we are now receiving cancellations -even for June. Matej is fighting in the office to keep things afloat. Staff is at home. We will manage for a while, but not sure how long it will last. I think that 2020 is lost. Best to go into hibernation and wake up in 2021.

Bertrand (Marseille):
Hi, great to hear from You! France and the event industry is running slowly but we keep working to be ready when it will start again ! We also postponed some events. South of France is not the worst part of France, especially if you have a balcony. It’s Sunny with 20degrees. I hope we will have a chance to work together soon. Take care of you and your family Kind Regards from Marseille

Pierre (Bordeaux):
Hello, thank you for your message, I'm very happy to have news! I hope you won't get that nasty disease! Be very careful! Here in France it's a bit of a panic, Personally, I'm in the country, life is easier during confinement! We'll keep in touch. Good luck, see you soon. Pierre.

Simon (Provence):
Thanks for your message! It's actually at a standstill here and so is business. But as you say we'll survive! Přeji ti aťse máš dobře, Simon

Domenico (Catania):
Thanks for your nice words and interest. At the moment we and our families are doing well and have lived in isolation for three weeks in the hope of stopping this virus scourge. In Sicily the epidemic is still contained with 1500 cases, which are many but few compared to northern Italy where there are 100,000 cases and 13,000 victims. It is the worst tragedy in our recent history after the world war. Work is reduced to the minimum. Just as our lives are reduced to captivity. But we must hope and fight against this invisible enemy of humanity to return to live and see our friends near and far. You are on this list. You must then buy Sicilian wines such as Firriato, Cottanera or Planeta. I wish you to remain healthy. All the rest will find a solution.

Mariangela (Santa Caterina):
Good evening, Thank you so much for your beautiful words. We are all fine and as you say Santa Caterina is empty in this time  but very beautiful with still a lot of snow. Season is however over. It will always be a great pleasure to see you again.

Chen (Shanghai):
Hello, I am in good health in Shanghai, our life is basically back to normal, I come to work every day, but I have to wear a mask every day. Let's hope the epidemic passes quickly so we can continue the Investors Czech event in August. Please keep socializing and partying to a minimum at Praha and wear a mask when you party. Wishing you good health and all the best!

Chris (Montreal):
Hi! I’m doing well thank you! I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy! Here all of the events are postponed or canceled. The Quebec government have shut down all non-essential business until mid-April so we don’t any event and we postponed all of our mascot costumes production. Let’s hope that this won’t last too long. Stay strong and safe my friend! All the best from Canada, Chris

Andrea (Köln):
Hallo, schön von Ihnen zu hören!!! Ja, es geht uns gut. Alle sind gesund und munter. Bei uns ist fast alles storniert worden. Eine Verschiebung ist oft nicht möglich, weil die Reisen eigentlich alle mit Sportevents zu tun haben, die alle abgesagt wurden. Das ist echt verrückt. Wir müssen durchhalten. Wenn es „nur“ 2020 dauert, dann haben wir kein Problem. Zum Glück gibts Kurzarbeit und etwas Geld vom Staat. Wenn 2021 normal weitergeht, ist dann alles wieder ok. Aber eine echt extreme Situation, alles leer und geschlossen... Home Office und dann auch noch die Kinder zu Hause, die viel für die Schule machen müssen. Gut, dass wir einen Hund haben, da mache ich lange Spaziergänge :-). Viele Grüße und alles Gute, Andrea

Zhofi (Budapest):
It’s so good to hear from you! The situation is the same here, Budapest is empty, so strange... For the first half year all of our events are cancelled/postponed, and we are hoping that from September the business will restart, fingers crossed! As for myself, now I will take a small break from work, as due middle June we are expecting our baby girl :-). So I already started in March my maternity leave, a bit earlier than planned due to the virus... Let me give you my colleagues’ contacts for the future. Thank you for your kind mail again, and take care!! All the best from the at least sunny Budapest, Zsofi

Nicoleta (Bucharest):
Thank you for your message, it is nice to hear from you. I only wish it was in better circumstances. All our team is well and working from home. Unfortunately the work is very little these days, the business is in a very difficult point at this moment. We had everything canceled until July and a few postponed. The autumn season does not look good either as now it is a lack of requests. We focus on reducing the expenses to the minimum so we can survive over these difficult period. The owner from the office agreed to our request to not pay any rent for 3 months, which was a great thing. We reduces the salaries to 75% but it is very important to be able to keep our team together. Otherwise the life in Bucharest is quiet, we don’t get out except for necessary supplies and once in a while around the block for some fresh air. I am optimistic and I try to focus on the time things will get back to normal, even if it will be slowly. Important is to stay healthy and we will manage to survive this difficult time. I wish you all the best and I hope to be able to work together soon on new projects. Thank you, Nicoleta

Daniel (Solothurn):
Danke für dein E-Mail. Die Lage rund um das Coronavirus stellt grosse Herausforderungen auch an unsere Branche. Flexibilität, Geduld, Verständnis und Durchhaltewille sind gefragt – zum Glück haben wir noch von Allem! Reisen werden zur Zeit keine gebucht. Diejenigen Aufträge, welche wir bis Ende Juni 2020 haben, werden entweder verschoben oder sogar ganz abgesagt. Traurige Sache. Aber ich bin zuversichtlich, dass wir die Krise überstehen und freue mich, wenn wir zusammen einige Projekte realisieren können. Ich wünsche dir einen positiven Tag und bleib gesund! Daniel

Ralf (Zurich):
It is great hearing from you and hope you are keeping well. Here we are keeping up and trying to maintain physical and mental health. We are looking after one another and use the modern platforms to stay in touch with family and professional relations on distance. Business is fortunately doing well in the most recent months. However with the current macro situation we expect turbulence during the rest of the year. Additionally we foresee that several countries and branches will see effects in to the years to follow. We are keeping a close eye on the market developments and support where we can our local and international partners. You should know we are employing a significant amount of people in our assets that can't fall back to home office and expose themselves to the risks of the current situation. These men and women are ensuring that energy is available for households, critical jobs and institutions. We are very grateful to them and support their families in these time. We wish you strength, health and looking forward to the times we can meet again.

Serpa (Helsinki):
Hi! :-). It is very nice of you to contact your partners and do mapping about how are we all doing in this crazy gone world. I really do appreciate it!:-) Finland is closed as a society, and also what comes to borders. Furthermore, the province of Uusimaa, where Helsinki is located, is isolated. All tourist groups are cancelled until June 30. My business is fortunately functioning on different fields of languages and cultures, so I still have work. I translate and provide language training online. I wish you and us all a lot of patience, optimism and visions for the future that will inevitably come one day - we will make it! All the best to you - hope to see and cooperate with you one day again! Warmest greetings from Helsinki.

Pekka (Nuuksio Park):
Hi! Everything is cancelled to the end of June. Gatherings over 10 persons forbidden. We are ok. I am not sure if we will survive, but we will fight ?? I have created 4 products which are virtual. 1 of them is a hit allover the world. Take care and greetings

Vladimir (Irkutsk):
Hello, glad to hear from you! Thank God everyone is alive... Business - yes, almost dead... I have a small pension... Waiting for summer... While we hang in there... And you hang in there in your Europe ?? ? The country has declared a universal regime of self-isolation, people, in the absolute majority sit at home... There are only security services and grocery stores, all cafes, hairdressers and others - closed. Attention :All residents of united Europe: today at 2 a.m. temperature will be measured by satellite, rectally.... Therefore, at 1.55 it is necessary to open a window, take the appropriate position, directing the measurement object to the stars... Hold your passport in your right hand (unfolded):!... Important!!! - stay in this position until the result is announced!!!! :-D The Russians are humorous...!! Vladimir... From Russia with love

Sofya (Moscow):
Hi, Nice to hear from you):): Same business at all, we all are on quarantine at home...I hope it'll get better one day! But pretty sure not earlier than next year(((

Ekaterina (Moscow):
Thanks a lot for your letter on Russian :-) Really glad to get it! We are fine, thanks a lot, and how are you? I’m afraid at this moment no one knows when the situation will get back normal... currently we have the emergency status meaning that all shop, entertainment centers etc are closed, except the ones with food and pharmacy. People share not gather and go anywhere even to office if there is no the vital need The self isolation period shall last till the end of April, than we have public holidays (again...): till May 4... but everything is changing every week The borders are closed (even internal): and their opening will depends on the situation in other countries. So it may happen that everything will be opened again but the borders will stay closed for longer time. We’ve already changed the summer brand experience dates from June to July, but we’re not sure if the event take place. Anyway we are still stay in touch, think positive and hope everything get back normal soon :): Hope that all this these “issues” will unite everyone like never before :): We have to stay home and keep the distance, Best regards,

Timur (Moscow):
So far so good here, home at self isolation. Economy is not doing well, especially with low oil prices. Hope at least in 2H 2020 will be able to do something because at the moment everything was cancelled or postponed. How is everything in CZ?

Monika (London):
Hi, I hope you, your friends and family are well. We too are ok, thank you. The Bank has moved to remote working, and all travel is cancelled. Kids have had a week of remote schooling & now are on holidays. We have been practising social distancing for a few weeks now, and are starting to get a little restless. We only get out to walk the dogs; otherwise staying put. I, of course, worry about my mum. I don’t expect the borders to open in the forthcoming future. Strange, surreal times. Stay well. As the slogan here reads: ‘Stay at home, protect NHS, Safe lives’.

Aviad (Tel Aviv):
Hi, We are all good. Hope to end this bad story... I am in Jerusalem now. All have masks but almost no people on the streets. I woukd be happy to celebrate with you and your wine ;-)

Reena (Dubai):
Hello, We are ok so far so good. Business is not good as tourists are not travelling and lockdown, we have work from home at the moment. We hope and pray situations come back to normal and resume work in few months time. Praying for all and keep in touch !!! Best Regards, Reena

Nunu (Algiers):
Hello, it's nunu. it's very nice of you to worry. here no tourists so by designing no work it's been three weeks that we are at home it's very hard I hope it will not last too the most important that we are well here in Algeria it is the KO and especially the city where I live blida it is the center of the epidemic we are the only city closed totally confined. I hope you too are all well take care of yourself and be very careful. nunu

Nelly (San Francisco):
Hello, Thank you so much for reaching out, that's is really kind of you. We are doing well so far, and in lock down for the  last 6 weeks. How about you? how are you doing ? How is the situation in your country? Kind Regards Nelly

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