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CCL-CONFERENCE CZECHOSLOVAKIA LTD. (founded 1990) is the most experienced Central European agency for event management + live marketing.


Quality, reliability, loyalty, flexibility, invention and almost 34 years of experience.


CCL is the first Czech company to be repeatedly commissioned to organize the world premiere of a car for the media and so far the only Czech company ever to be entrusted with the complete organization of the world premiere of a new car for a worldwide dealer network.


All along CCL maintains a high moral credit, reputation and credibility of a reliable business partner. We never work for cigarette and hard alcohol manufacturers, or for those clients where we are not convinced of the legality of the origin of their money.

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Destinations of projects realized by CCL



At the end of the year, CCL listed 6,116 projects for 570 clients from 30 countries in 645 different destinations.
We add Hochgurgl and Obertauern (Austria), Rheingau (Germany), Senica (Slovakia), Archlebov and Horní Bečva (Czech Republic), Seattle (USA) to the map of places where we have realized an event.
We were pleased to welcome new clients Nippon Express, České dráhy a.s., Profitroom.
11 May:
Technology Summit for Oracle Czech in Prague was our 700th project for an IT client.
August 10: Golf tournament at Penati resort in Senica (Slovakia) was our 6,000th project since the company was founded!
September 12: PlayStation International Team Meeting in Budapest (Hungary) was our 500th project for a SONY Group client.


.Our PR section is growing, beside the classic live marketing projects we are increasingly involved in internal and external communication of our clients.

The PlayStation promotion at the Holešov Regatta on 17 June was our 5,000th project carried out in the Czech Repubilc

On 27 September we carried out our 1,000th project for ŠKODA AUTO a.s.


„Get a workout – work well for CCL!“ – a rephrasing of Tyrš's slogan from our PF 2021 video can be interpreted by anyone as they wish. For example as: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Which is a positive finding during the 30th season of CCL.

Although we are celebrating our anniversary and we are the oldest live marketing agency in „Czechoslovakia“, we are well aware that our partners are not really interested in our past successes, but in the future hopes. And we are ready to turn those into successful projects! We have survived the covid era and are ready to go on :-)


Covid-19 pandemic does not bring any fatal consequences for strong CCL team, which remains close-knit and ready for new challenges.

We know our partners are little interested in our past succeses but we are ready to convert the future hopes into fruitful projects!


Participation in the beer festivities on September 19 in Olomouc was our 400th event for Česká spořitelna.

On October 1, we carried out Opel Astra Press Launch for the Czech market and it was the 250th CCL event for this car manufacturer.

During October 14–20, we held an event for Russian journalists in Paris and Normandy, who were invited by ŠKODA AUTO, and after invoicing, we reached the first billion pre – tax business profit since the company was founded. (Where the hell is the money?)

On November 13, we open the 5,000th CCL business project (6th Annual ABSL-Association of Business Service Leaders Conference).


After 24 years, we return to Tel Aviv, where we organize a visit of Czech journalists invited by ŠKODA AUTO.

Meeting with partners (on November 8) is the 400th project for our client ORACLE.

We are organizing 42 events for Česká spořitelna this year.


The Slovak expedition to DELL EMC World 2017 is our 40th event in the USA.

In May, we will take ŠKODA AUTO guests to the Ice Hockey World Championships in Paris and Cologne. Security measures implemented after the Charlie Hebdo shooting mean that little is known about the championship in Paris.

Almost overnight, during the company-wide holiday, we organize an extensive visit of the Chinese government delegation to ŠKODA AUTO (on July 17).

The Porsche Golf Cup has the number 4.444 in our list of projects.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer Press Launch is the 200th event for Opel in the history of CCL.


In Croatia, we shoot official photo and video of the complete ŠKODA model line for this year (February 8 – April 29).

For the largest importer of dried fruits in Central Europe, we invent and market brilliant packaging for lyophilized fruit.

We deliver the Dejvice Theater to London for 2 performances with English subtitles.

We serve AUDI Russia guests a delicious St. Martin's goose at a gala dinner in Bratislava (November).


We are organizing the 15th Cardiology Workshop on Arrhythmias, for the fifteenth time…

We supervise the LADA Vesta press launch in Tuscany (October 20–23) and Lada is the second car manufacturer after Hyundai that owes us till this day…

On November 13 in the Černý Most Center, we carry out another of a series of PlayStation promo stands, which is our 4,000th event in history.

NEW ERA Arena is the 500th event (with invoicing of more than CZK 50,000) for ŠKODA AUTO (November 28 – January 6, 2016).


After Regional Partner Event II for Oracle (April 1–3), our invoicing to the client exceeded CZK 200 million.

For the first time in its history, ŠKODA AUTO produced more than a million cars a year and invited CCL for the celebration.

Out of sympathy, we organize the ceremonial opening of new cowshed in-full-force for AGRA Březnice, including a hard rock band concert, because they funded the cowshed with their own money, without European subsidies.


Our jubilee tenth ski event at the resort in Kaprun was alloted to LeasePlan and their teambuilding weekend.

Amazing Indian summer in the Velichovky spa, where our team is organizing Product Training for ŠKODA AUTO for the third time, this year for Rapid Spaceback (September 15 – October 15).


We conceived a table tennis extra league match in the FORUM Liberec shopping center and set a national attendance record (3,400 spectators).

Another of our own – internationally successful – exhibitions: „Meet 100 jerseys of Vladimír Šmicer“ (May 17 – July 1).

We rent a ranch near Wroclaw, where we welcome guests of Česká spořitelna to UEFA EURO 2012 with Tonda Panenka, Horst Siegl and Milan Škoda.

St. Nicholas teambuilding for Nestlé was the last event to contribute to the fact that CCL revenues have exceeded CZK 3 billion since its birth.

Our collaboration with the Dejvice Theater begins.


Rebranding CCL logo after 20 years.

We organize an Open Day at ŠKODA AUTO in Mladá Boleslav for 75,000 visitors.

We buy skyboxes at Nou Camp and San Siro and organize charters for Champions League matches.

The West Region Conference is our 100th event for Česká spořitelna.


The successful organization of the Annual Press Conference for ŠKODA AUTO (March 22) contributed to the fact that we have invoiced this client more than CZK 0.5 billion since 1991.

On May 26, we are launching the 3,000th CCL project, a seminar for Česká spořitelna.

For the first time, we are carrying out an Advent icerink for ŠKODA AUTO in Mladá Boleslav (December 5–23).

For the tenth time, we are with our clients in San Francisco at Oracle OpenWorld.

This year we have 27 events abroad in 13 countries on 4 continents.


Incentive for Hyundai Germany, which the client never paid for…

WELLA Trend Fashion Show in FS Barrandov for 2,000 guests at round tables – according to tabloids „snobby event of the year“ in the Czech Republic (September 26).


After concluding the VI. Czech and Slovak Symposium on Arrhythmias and Cardiac Stimulation (in February), we state that the CCL turnover exceeded another historical target of CZK 2.5 billion.

We perform for Česká spořitelna and T-Mobile in Basel and Geneva for the duration of our participation in UEFA EURO 2008 (June).

For the Austrian ERSTE Group we hold conferences in Hungary and Austria (June – October).

The first CCL event in Australia – Incentive for T-Mobile (December 5–13).


The largest and most demanding project in the history of CCL: World Dealer Conference ŠKODA Fabia (February 15 – March 10, taken over for implementation on December 23, 2006…).

For the first time since the founding, we have no project from a German client during a year.


The CCL team spends a month in Germany as we organize 12 tours to the World Cup in football for Česká spořitelna and T-Mobile.


We participate significantly in the rescue of Bohemians Prague 1905 (We support Bohemka to this day and we will not give up Ďolíček!).

Execution of the first all-stadium choreography in the Czech Republic (during qualifying matches for the FIFA 2006 World Cup for T-Mobile)

We are holding a conference of Renault Trucks dealers in Lyon, France (March 21–24)

For the first time ever we have a client from China – a delegation from Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive (September 10–11)


We organize stone-laying ceremony for KIA in Žilina (April 5 – 7), where, for the first time in our lives, we are building a 150 m two-way asphalt road with a service life of 6 days in a field. (Bytča construction company loves us to this day.)

A week later, we are producing the ŠKODA Octavia World Dealer Conference (April 13–27) with amazing evenings at FS Barrandov.

During November 18–27 we are organizing an international conference for the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. After that, the total invoicing of CCL since its founding exceeded CZK 2 billion.


The end of 8 year cooperation with Agrofert Holding

We return to Puerto Rico to organize an incentive tour for a pharmaceutical company (March).

During the summer we enjoy the organization of a series of golf tournaments Eurotel PGA Czech Open Golf Tour 2003.

We excel with a Český Telecom Garden Party during IFF in Karlovy Vary.

Ladislav Smoljak explains that a chip was invented by Jára Cimrman at our conference for Sun Microsystem (November).


First CCL event in the Caribbean –Janssen Cilag seminar at Barbados (March 15–24).

Organization of stone-laying ceremony for T.P.C.A. in Kolín (April 11).

Rebranding of Eurotel GO took almost half a year, but we book it as the 1500th CCL project.


Production of the luxurious timeless exhibition complex EuroTel at the INVEX exhibition for (hard-to-believe today) CZK 30 (!) million brought us the Architects' Award 2001 for the production of the stand (October 15–19)

CCL is organizing an incentive tour to the Ritz London for its great employees, as we are participating in an exhibition by Roger Dean (November).


The last annual event for Morgan Stanley… (September 22–29; Lindsay C. Herkness, the client was a victim of the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001)

We record the largest annual sales of all time – CZK 257 million.


Production of European Figure Skating Championships (January 24 – February 1).

First CCL event in Africa: Annual Meeting Yamanouchi, Victoria, Seychely (March 24 – 31).

Developer Day for ORACLE (September 19) is the 1000th CCL project (with invoicing over CZK 50,000).

The international journalist premiere of the ŠKODA Fabia in the Algarve in November is a project after which we have surpassed the goal of the CZK 1,000,000,000 t­urnover since the company’s founding.

And the Christmas party of the SPT Telecom Supervisory Board is our 1,000th project.


MEDAL ECTASY – exhibition of photographs from the Nagano Olympic Games, CCL’s own project, was seen by 25,000 visitors on Jungmann Square in Prague, almost 1,800 a day! (March 2–15).

ŠKODA Octavia Combi Press Launch (March 22–29). The task is to organize it in a nice place with excellent climatic conditions. We chose a spa resort in Fiuggi south of Rome. On March 28, 1998 it was snowing here for the first time in 70 years…

We invite Ornella Mutti and Naomi Campbell to Prague and launch their new perfumes.


They say it's „Mission Impossible“, but we can do it. SONY Handycam roadshow with a trailer-showroom stuled as mobile camera in 15 European countries (June-August)

In the Czech Republic, we introduce the Cosmopolitan magazine, with the participation of the owner.


Election meeting for ODA with 5,000 visitors, Jaroslavice u Znojma (May) has an unbeatable attendance at an election meeting of any party in our country…

On June 27, we ceremoniously launch the GSM network (for Eurotel) on the Czech market, thus achieving a turnover of CZK 0.5 billion after 5.5 years of existence.

„Highway to Heaven“ – the presentation of the first Škoda / VW car intended for Prague residents was held in the Old Town Square (ŠKODA OCTAVIA – September 1).

The best year for CCL with regards to the French market – we invoiced over CZK 23 million to France.


After the successful VW CEO conference, we have the confidence to organize the prestigious Volkswagen Nacht in Geneva (March 7).

We take on management of Lucie band, we organize the SAMSUNG Tour 1995, we end up with the band in Strahov as a support for the Rolling Stones (spring-summer). (David Koller later recalls in his book that it was we who „got the amateur band on the big stage“).

We are organizing the historically first Open Day in ŠKODA automobilová a.s. in Mladá Boleslav, for 36,000 visitors.

Participation in the acquisition, preparation and implementation of the historically first NATO conference outside the territory of member countries (NATO-NIAG, October 4–7).

On October 10, we launch our 500th project: the Škoda Norway Dealer Conference.


The cancelled concert of the Nirvana band (May) due to the suicide of Kurt Cobain (April 5) brought us a loss of CZK 3 million.

For the Volkswagen General Managers Conference (Brno, May), we had the already sold-out Voroněž Hotel in Brno vacated…

We carry out official visits by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to South America and Southeast Asia (April, October).

Moving from Hotel Prague to CCL House (autumn).


We cooperate with the organizers of international concerts in our country and we provide PR services and travel arrangements, eg Robert Plant in Prague and Budapest (May 25–29), Aerosmith, Motorhead,…

IBM Deutschland 100% Club, event for 3 head-to-head groups of 800 guests for a total of CZK 60 million (April 24–30).

Our first event taking place outside of Europe: Czech Days in Hong Kong (November 1–7)

On April 4, we have reached a turnover of 100 million since the company was founded.


The first CCL event for ŠKODA (April 23–26, visit to Volkswagen Group management).

The first CCL event abroad (Israeli Business Days, Wien-Schwechat, Austria, for the state of Israel).

We invoiced more than CZK 17 million for various services to various Americans who came to teach democracy in the Czech Republic.


The very first CCL project is Versicherungskon­ferenz for the German HMI-Organization (April 1–3), we invoice an amazing amount (at the time) of CZK 513,000…

The first CCL event for Opel (May 26–28, Opel HQ business conference).

Theme, screenplay, direction and production of the first Czechoslovak TV live fundraising concert (on November 24 for the Václav Klaus Foundation).



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+420 604 228 076,

VAT Reg.#: CZ00677060, DUNS: 644185605

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